Is playing poker on tablets going to take over playing on a phone?

Mobile gaming has made a major impact on the gaming industry, and with an estimated x million users worldwide glued to their favourite game-based apps, it has become a worthy competitor to potentially overthrow the dominant hold on the market enjoyed by consoles.

Although puzzles, brain teasers and action strategy games remain hugely popular genres that attract considerable popularity within the gaming community, casino games have also risen to prominence following its transition from the casino floor to the virtual world. Poker is arguably the most popular form of casino game that has transformed into a multi-million dollar sport, with certain live televised tournaments allowing amateurs, who enjoy playing via their mobile phone or online, to pit their wits against the professionals in an intriguing battle of mind and skill that attracts considerable viewing figures.

Downloading a poker app provides the ultimate freedom for mobile phone users to play a few hands wherever they are, whether it is during long commutes or breaks at work, but there is every chance that tablets may take over smartphones and Androids as the main technological gadget for playing poker. There are a number of technical advantages which tablets hold over mobile phones that make them the prime choice of gadgets for downloading and playing poker apps.


The obvious difference between tablets and mobile phones is the overall size, with the former providing a considerably bigger display screen from which to work with. Game developers have managed to perfectly replicate the feel and ambience of playing in a luxurious casino or at a professional poker venue, but being able to enjoy every intricate detail on a much greater scale than a mobile may see gamers switching to the tablet. Modern day tablets provide considerably display screens to make touchscreen controls smoother and more realistic, with the increase in scale allowing players to see more of the action and gain more enjoyment from playing a few hands of poker. Being able to rest a tablet on a table or lap provides a more relaxing way to enjoy poker, with players able to utilise the subtle and responsive touchscreen controls to bet, call or fold without having to keep hold of the device throughout each hand.

Battery life

Although modern day mobile phones continue to push the boundaries of technology to new limits through high definition screens, faster processing and downloading speeds, and lightweight dimensions, manufacturers have yet to discover a breakthrough in creating a battery that provides considerable longevity. Mobile phone users pray for the day that a manufacturers manages to replicate the long-lasting battery life that was so memorable with the classic Nokia handsets during the 1990s, and although they can enjoy playing a few hands of poker or taking part in a tournament, their battery will not last very long. This is where tablets stand up as a much more efficient gadgets to use for playing poker via an app or online, with numerous models proven to have a long-lasting battery that does not need to be kept on charge, even when pushed to the limits.