Deflating the Grip of Proprietary GPS – Objection by Objection
May 13, 2015 GPS

Many of our customers struggle trying to break through the company’s “status quo” of field operations that have long relied on GPS handhelds as part of their jobs.

Deflating the Grip of Proprietary GPS

GPS handhelds like Trimble, Leica and TopCon work, well enough, and longstanding employees already know how to use them. And for every clear benefit that TerraGo Edge delivers over GPS handhelds, there is a hurdle to overcome based, not always on fact, but on old habits, fear of change and quite often, misinformation. We hear them all in our interactions with our customers, during webinars and at industry events. We think mobile technology and innovation will overcome the status quo and win the game for our customers in the end. We all benefit greatly from the competition of ideas and exchange of viewpoints.

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