City of Battle Creek Michigan working with TrafficLand to bring live traffic video to a wider audience

TrafficLand to Host and Distribute Live Video from Battle Creek Traffic Cameras Fairfax, Virginia, June 15, 2015–TrafficLand®, the largest authorized aggregator of live traffic video in the U.S., has entered into an agreement with the City of Battle Creek, Michigan to host and distribute video from its roadside traffic cameras.  TrafficLand will provide live video from the Battle Creek cameras to its public information website and other services.

TrafficLand will also integrate the video into its national network footprint of over 20,000 traffic cameras, expanding the availability of the Battle Creek video to media, first responders, connected device users and others through the company’s API and other specialized services.

“We are very happy to be working with the City of Battle Creek on behalf of the public,” said Lawrence Nelson, CEO of TrafficLand.  “Over the past 12 years, TrafficLand has built strong working relationships with over 50 transportation agencies.  Each one of those relationships is based on our commitment to be a partner they can depend on to help deliver their video to the public, government and commercial stakeholders.”

About TrafficLand
TrafficLand is a leading provider of traffic video and traffic video-derived analytics data.  Working with its DOT partners, TrafficLand has become the largest authorized aggregator and distributor of live traffic video in the U.S.  Its patented Image Engine® technology helps DOTs control unauthorized video access and unplanned demand spikes and provides single-source access to live traffic video from over 20,000 traffic cameras, in more than 200 cities on its network. Video formats and services offered by TrafficLand support mobile applications, traveler information websites, broadcast traffic reporting, navigation devices and a dedicated service for DOTs and public safety agencies to aid traffic management and emergency response.  More information is available about TrafficLand at