Social Media Management: The Best Apps for Pre-Scheduled Tweets

Social media accounts require constant upkeep to keep your customers engaged. Luckily, there are a number of well-designed apps that keep you on schedule and support you in your social media endeavors:

Social Media Management: The Best Apps for Pre-Scheduled Tweets

Social Media Management: The Best Apps for Pre-Scheduled Tweets


HootSuite offers customers three types of plans: free, pro and enterprise. The free plan covers three social profiles, schedules one message at a time and provides you with data on your followers. The social listening feature of its program lets you know what trends and conversations your customers, competition and industry influencers are engaged with , and  all the information is showcased on an easy-to-read and well-organized dashboard.

The pro plan equips you with the power to schedule 350 messages to publish in advance for 50 to 100 accounts. This account type includes an enhanced analytical report and permits multiple team members to have account access. A one-on-one setup session with a HootSuite coach comes with the pro account so you can get a strong start with your social media operations.

The enterprise plan is designed for corporations, organizations and governments, and it provides unlimited access to all its services, including geo-targeting and a HootSuite rep as your dedicated account manager.


Buffer is a free app that assists with your post schedule for a variety of social media outlets, including Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook. On its individual plan, you can connect one account from each platform, and on its awesome plan, you receive a combination of 10 accounts. Buffer’s post schedule timeline allows for varied schedules, so your content can go live at the various peak times. The Buffer team works from around the world so it can immediately fix any bugs that occur and answer customers’ questions. The company’s exemplary level of customer service is one of its most notable characteristics. This app is best for personal accounts, professional bloggers and small businesses.

Social Oomph

Social Oomph enables you to schedule tweets, track keywords, save and reuse drafts, and view mentions and retweets. The feature saves your tweet draft, which eliminates wasted time spent re-typing your content. The app thoroughly organizes the mentions and tweets linked with your account. You can interact with Twitter users through this feature and gain more followers. Social Oomph can keep track of five Twitter accounts at once, for no charge.

This app also has features for Facebook, LinkedIn, Plurk and, which makes it a multifaceted tool for you to build your social media prowess. The site offers basic and professional account options that suit a high or low volume account. This app excels in its support of small businesses that have just begun their social media enterprise.


Gremln markets itself as secure social media. The company recently updated its security settings and is endorsed by state banking associations for FFIEC, FINRA and SEC social media compliance. Its compliance tool kit allows you to keep within the bounds of communications law and eliminate the risk of violations and fines. Its updated security feature helps businesses filter out any content in corporate posts that could violate regulations.

This app is geared towards high-security companies that desire regular interaction with their customers in a sound way. The identity protection company LifeLock is a good example of this. The app provides a full-access marketing suite, assists in the set up of your social media strategies and monitors your return. It includes organizational tools that allow a streamlined system for utilization of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.