Event – Call Center Summit for Public Sector 2015

Cost-Effective Strategies for Service Excellence

The increasing expectations for public-sector service levels necessitates a hard look at whether your current call center operations have the capability to deliver adequate user-centered experiences, while driving a culture of efficiency and effectiveness.

Call Center Summit for Public Sector 2015 will focus on the most efficient tools and capabilities to help you improve operations and delivery more satisfactory services, all while controlling costs and make smart investments.

Whether you’re looking to buy or replace CRM tools, sharpen up your IVR or overhaul your call center operations entirely, this three day agenda is packed with workshops, roundtables and thought leading presentations to ensure you walk away as the go-to service leader in your organization.

If smart, robust service and administrative strategies are your priority, you won’t want to miss Call Center Summit for Public Sector 2015 as we dissect the keys to success.

Topics we’ll cover in the main conference include:

  • Articulating the Service Mission…Up, Down, and Across the Organization
  • Embracing VoC (Voice of the Customer) to Make Strategic and/or Systemic Change (Feedback Management)
  • Executive Panel: Building a Continuous Improvement Culture
  • Improving Your Service Metrics by Igniting Agent Effectiveness
  • Public Sector Service Strategy in the Digital Consumer Economy
  • Segmentation, Personalization, and Messaging for More Efficient Operations
  • Integrating Call Center Strategy with Organizational Strategic Planning
  • Revitalizing IVR:Improving the Experience from Your User’s Perspective
  • Transformational Initiative: Implementing a 3 Year Vision of the Call Center
  • Is Your Service Strategy Aligned with Changing Customer/User Demographics?
  • Quality Monitoring Across Channels Using FCR &Other Critical Metrics
  • Real-Time Knowledge Management for Service Excellence
  • Creating a New Organizational Perception of the Call Center
  • Beyond the Surface: Utilizing Your Call Center Data to Uncover New Efficiencies
  • Leveraging Multi-Channel Technology to Drive Service Excellence
  • Building an ROI Model for Call Center Investments
  • Journey Mapping: Designing Services from Your Users’ Perspective
  • How Robust is Your Self Service, Really?
  • Playing the Offense: Driving Personal and Proactive Customer Relationships
  • Smart Strategies for Moving Applications to the Cloud
  • Talent Accelerator: Training Savvy Agents to Increase Resolution Metrics

28  30 September, 2015 – Washington, DC, United States