Gigwalk Selected by CROSSMARK to Power Mobile Field Teams and Maximize Work Efficiency

CROSSMARK adopts enterprise workforce management software as integral component of company’s new field-force activation system to tailor execution with greater agility, precision and speed

SAN FRANCISCO–Gigwalk, the leader in distributed workforce management, today announced a strategic partnership with CROSSMARK, a leading sales and marketing services company. CROSSMARK is deploying Gigwalk’s Enterprise Platform through a phased approach to more than 30,000 field-based associates. Gigwalk’s Enterprise Platform will serve as CROSSMARK’s primary platform for creating and deploying work to further enhance the company’s tailored execution capabilities; this is part of the company’s new innovative business model designed to provide clients with smarter solutions that drive faster sales growth and greater efficiencies.

“Our solutions make our customers more efficient, allow them to improve visibility to their customers, and make employee schedules more predictable and controllable.“”

Companies rely on decentralized workforces now more than ever, but often have limited capability to manage these teams and capture on-the-ground intelligence in real time. Gigwalk Enterprise addresses this problem by providing a platform to manage geographically dispersed teams, improving work creation, distribution, execution, data collection and resource management. Influenced by the company’s mobile crowdsourcing roots, Gigwalk Enterprise is fast to deploy and easy to use, so companies can rapidly onboard distributed teams and easily integrate with third party systems.

The Enterprise Platform is being used by CROSSMARK to execute in excess of 19 million labor hours annually across a variety of services. This new mobile technology allows CROSSMARK to increase client satisfaction by delivering smarter solutions tailored to clients’ needs, streamlining execution, improving employee experience, increasing oversight and enhancing client reporting capabilities.

“Gigwalk has dramatically amplified the value field teams provide to our clients,” said Marc Rapp, Vice President of CROSSMARK Retail Operations. “With Gigwalk, we create, assign, execute and report on thousands of tasks every day, generating real-time intelligence, allowing us to better serve our clients. This capability enables work to be created and delivered in the same day with agility, precision and speed that are integral to our new field-force activation system, named Axis. Our employees have embraced this new technology with enthusiasm as it gives them greater ability to influence their schedules, while providing a more predictable workweek.”

“We are entering into a new era of work. The reality of work today is that it’s rarely confined to a single location and there are far too few systems that allow effective management of distributed teams, leveraging mobile technology,” said David Hale, CEO of Gigwalk. “Our solutions make our customers more efficient, allow them to improve visibility to their customers, and make employee schedules more predictable and controllable.“

Gigwalk’s Enterprise Platform is accessible on Android and iOS smart devices (phones/tablets), as well as web enabled devices. The platform delivers feature-rich, but easy-to-use, messaging and collaboration tools in addition to:

  • Smart work assignment and scheduling, including job alignment based on certified skills, employee work and home location, and previous work performance
  • Consistent service standards, which includes quality controls, photo capture, GPS and date-stamp validation for all work completed
  • Advanced capabilities such as barcode scanning, survey skip logic, and standard project templates
  • Rich reporting and dashboard capabilities, improving visibility at all levels in the organization
  • Full API integration with third party systems, including payroll, billing and compliance systems

These features allow CROSSMARK to significantly improve service to its customers, while enhancing their internal efficiency and providing a better work experience for their employees.

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