Navizon Spins off Indoor Location Business as Accuware

MIAMI BEACH, Fla.–Navizon Inc. announces the launch of Accuware, Inc., a new provider of location technology.

Accuware will focus on products and services for indoor positioning and navigation (IPIN), people and assets tracking, and monitoring for pedestrian traffic analysis, while Navizon will remain focused on its Global Positioning Solution relying on a crowdsourced global database of WiFi access points and cellular tower locations

Accuware’s line of products covers a wide range of positioning technologies that can be deployed in an indoor environment. Additional information about these products is available on Accuware’s website.

Cyril Houri, Navizon’s (and now Accuware’s) founder and CEO explains: “At Navizon, we have always strived to bring to market products that harness the latest technologies, blending ease-of-deployment, ease-of-integration and performance, with great customer service. Our aim is to enable a wide range of practical applications at a manageable total cost of ownership. Separating the indoor positioning products from Navizon’s Global Positioning solution will let us increase our focus on these different technologies while providing additional clarity to our customers and prospects.”

About Navizon, Inc.

A pioneer in location technologies founded in 2005, Navizon remains focused on global positioning services to provide an alternative to GPS in GPS-denied areas. Navizon leverages its crowdsourced global database of cell phone towers and Wi-Fi access point locations, refreshed daily by a global community of users.

About Accuware, Inc.

Founded in 2015 Accuware focuses on location technologies for indoor positioning and navigation (IPIN), indoor and global people and assets tracking, pedestrian traffic monitoring and proximity applications. Designed for ease of deployment and integration, Accuware’s products and services provide the basic building blocks for applications in retail, hospitality, event marketing, digital marketing, museums, hospitals and other markets that require locating in the physical world.