Maptiks Launches Mapping Analytics Tool
Maptiks Launches Mapping Analytics Tool
September 17, 2015 Developer

Geospatial and GIS Web Developers Can Now Put Their Maps To Work With Analytics

Maptiks Launches Mapping Analytics Tool

Prince George, BC: After 6 months of development, Maptiks ( is graduating from beta and is officially launching to the public. Maptiks is like Google Analytics for your web map and currently integrates with Google Maps API, OpenLayers3 and LeafletJS. Soon it will also support Mapbox.js, ESRI javaScript API, CartoDB.js, and Bing Maps.

Web Map Developers are blind when it comes to user interaction on their maps. Most websites use analytics products like Google Analytics, or Mixpanel to track web activity, but surprisingly, user interaction tracking on a map just doesn’t exist.

For example, companies like Priceline may not see how many hotels are clicked on, or other cities that you panned through in their map view before you landed on a detailed hotel page. They are essentially blind to how a user interacts with their map.

Maptiks solves this problem, enabling map developers and marketing teams to view user activities (i.e clicks, time spent on map, zooms, pans etc) in detail, leading to a trove of new consumer insights. Maptiks provides detailed map performance metrics as well.

While in beta Maptiks has measured millions of maps. Clients, including Stamen Web Design ( have been using Maptiks to gain better consumer insights, analyze user engagement and test usability with their maps. Some users are leveraging user data to support investment in web mapping or to build business cases for further engineering efforts.

Founder, Will Cadell has been working hard with his team ramping up feature deployments.

“I’m just happy that people are enjoying the product. We’ve been working hard for the past few months and the team is excited to hear the positive feedback from clients. There’s a huge community of developers out there, with 3M+ companies who use web maps. We can’t wait to show them that there’s finally a map analytics tool that they can easily use. It’s about time we started taking web maps seriously, now we are in a much more informed place to do so”

About Maptiks: Founded by Will Cadell, Maptiks is built by Sparkgeo (, a geospatial web company with over a decade of experience in the GIS & Technology industries putting maps on the internet. Working with clients like Nextdoor (, the Wildlife Conservation Society ( and Map My Fitness (, Sparkgeo has built Maptiks to measure how users interact with web maps increasing map conversions so they can #buildabettermap

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