The smartphone, past, present and future Visualized

It’s always enjoyable viewing the history of cool technology, in particular via some awesome graphics and infographics. Here’s a nice visualization (with some glaring omissions though!)  that reveals the history of the smartphone, from the creation of AT&T wireless, the introduction of the Blackberry smartphone, the rise of Symbian OS, and finally to the explosive growth of iOS and Android devices. See more from the source

Please note, of particular interest and brought to my attention by a reader, what about the contributions of Nokia?? Nokia was for many years the leading supplier and provider of smartphones and was by far, THE leader in the smartphone ecosystem, paving the way for iPhone, Android and others… to not mention Nokia in any way in these graphics is a massive fail on the part of the author.

Note, those interested in the history of the Nokia smartphones, please see this awesome data viz put together by Steve Litchfield