Take a Drive with HERE Maps, Offline

A recent visit to the HERE maps HQ in Berkeley, California reminded me just how awesome this in vehicle navigation experience really is. Best of all HERE maps functions equally well completely offline. Read on for more including details of my visit with the HERE engineers at their California facility.


HERE maps mobile app on android, offline mode

Why Offline?
Since I travel a fair bit I often find myself using my mobile without my data enabled and only over WiFi in order to not incur heavy data roaming charges. This is where HERE maps in offline mode shines. HERE functions amazingly well in offline mode simply by downloading the base maps that are required (I have a bid MicroSD card in my Android mobile so space and file size is no issue).  Note, in order to setup and connect HERE maps initially you will require a data connection to link to your HERE account – having an account enables the HERE maps service to retain a record of your favorite places and more. Data connection (or WiFi) is also required in order to download data sets for offline maps and navigation. You will also need to setup your account with a voice package, which can be downloaded over WiFi, in order to have voice guided navigation and directions that are spoken to you while in the vehicle – ALWAYS stay safe and be hands free! A number of language packs are available, I’ve selected a female UK voice for my guidance.
Go Offline with HERE Maps and Never Get Lost!
Using HERE offline is as simple as toggling the “use app offline” option in the settings. Provided you have downloaded your data you can have all the functionality needed to move around your city without consuming mobile data or require internet connectivity – you will have to enable GPS or location services on your device though. I’m now navigating around my city while offline and most recently I was visiting New York and was walking around the city, navigating offline all while my device was set in airplane mode to avoid roaming fees. Yes indeed, I’m a fan and once you try HERE (iOS, Android, or Windows OS) I’m sure you will be too!
To read more about my visit to HERE and the #InsideHERE event check out this article for details about a drive along inside a vehicle with HERE auto, a look at the imaging camer and sensors on that are driving the streets of the world, and videos of an impressive 3D model showing the future of mobility and the in vehicle experience as seen by HERE.
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