SIM Partners Launches Velocity Location Data Management

SIM Partners’ Velocity Harnesses the Power of Location Data for Brands in the Age of the Mobile Consumer; Releases “The CMO’s Guide to Location Data Management”

CHICAGO–SIM Partners (, a leading provider of location-based marketing technology, today announced it has launched Velocity Location Data Management to harness the power of location data for enterprise brands in the age of the mobile consumer. To help marketers better understand how to manage their location data as a scalable asset, SIM Partners released “The CMO’s Guide to Location Data Management,” a comprehensive resource for multi-location enterprise brands.

“Today, the mobile consumer calls the shots for any brand — particularly enterprise brands that want to attract consumers to their brick and mortar locations”

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Velocity Location Data Management goes beyond listing management to make a brand’s location data actionable and accessible in real-time across the entire discovery ecosystem – including search engines, maps, apps, operating systems, GPS, wearables and more.

“Today, the mobile consumer calls the shots for any brand — particularly enterprise brands that want to attract consumers to their brick and mortar locations,” said Jon Schepke, CEO, SIM Partners. “In the era of ‘near me’ moments, marketers need to harness the power of their location data to create a competitive advantage.”

Velocity ensures that a brand’s business data is open and accessible to data amplifiers, driving visibility where and when people are looking for them, no matter the platform, location or device. Core functionality of Velocity Location Data Management includes:

  • Location Data Management: Velocity builds ownable and scalable location data assets by consolidating important data points from varying sources. Data assets are cleansed as they are built, with automated error identification, and then categorized per each amplifier’s rules. Additionally, location data is claimed in key places such as Google My Business and optimized for SEO best practices.
  • Location Data Distribution: Velocity unleashes location data by distributing optimized data in real time via API connections to data to amplifiers, such as Foursquare. This ongoing and long-lasting approach ensures a brand’s up-to-date information is translated for each amplifier to gain the largest discovery… so the brand will be present in the places where people are looking for information today and where they will be looking tomorrow.
  • Location Data Monitoring: Based on a proprietary scoring algorithm, Velocity Location Data Health measures the accuracy and visibility of a brand’s business listings across the entire local ecosystem. By understanding its location data health score, a brand can prioritize listing management opportunities and efforts to be visible in “near me” moments of discovery on the most influential platforms where consumers spend their time.

In addition to driving visibility in the local ecosystem, a brand’s location data assets can be leveraged to create contextually relevant content and engaging experiences using Velocity’s publishing solution. Building content and experiences on top of a strong foundation compounds the power of location data.

“Location data is the lifeblood of every local search, mapping, social, and mobile platform,” said Gib Olander, vice president of product, SIM Partners. “With Velocity Location Data Management, we are making our clients’ location data more open and accessible to the data amplifiers who are in a position to help them be found — no matter the platform, location or device.”

SIM Partners research, based on aggregate Velocity Insights Location Data Health reports, reveals that the healthier a brand’s location data is, the more leads and better quality leads the business will receive. Brands that increased their listing health score by 20 percent, in support of their listing management efforts, saw traffic to their location pages increase up to 450 percent and on-page action conversion rates increase by 216 percent.

For more information about Velocity Location Data Management, visit To download the “CMO’s Guide to Location Data Management,” visit:

About SIM Partners

SIM Partners’ local marketing automation technology, Velocity, maximizes digital marketing results for enterprise brands at a local level. By making location data actionable and local content scalable, Velocity drives customer acquisition for national brands across thousands of physical locations. With Velocity, national brands can create location-based offers to turn “near me” mobile searches into offline conversions. Velocity includes a powerful local data management tool to drive listing visibility, a content management system that automates the creation of location-based content and experiences, and a robust insights platform to inform local content strategies. SIM Partners has offices in Chicago and San Francisco. To learn more, or request a demo, visit