How to… Access Your Google Location History

If you use google services then you likely have a location history stored by Google – don’t worry though, only you can see it! 

Google location history

By accessing your history you can view all the places you’ve been (while location sharing was enabled on your device). You may also be able to view routes you’ve traveled and much more. If you use an Android device you may have automatically received messages from Google on a daily basis telling you about a commute time and delivered to you at a very timely moment (like before leaving for work in the morning). This is enabled by your location history and Google detecting daily patterns or your movements. Google does allow you to view your history, delete it, or turn it on or off. Note, if you don’t mind Google knowing more about you and you want even more useful data served to you about specific locations then use the Google G+ Checkin feature via mobile for your favorite places!

Access your location history by logging in and jumping to