Everything you need to know about local search, and then some!

Wow, impressive, meaty article on local search from the team at Fulcrum. If you want a glimpse as to how local search works behind the scenes this is a great read… for business there’s also some great info here as well

The local search ecosystem - Image Credit: Fulcrum blog

The local search ecosystem – Image Credit: Fulcrum blog

This from the Fulcrum team blog in a lengthy article designed to inform you about the ins and outs of local search…

Nowadays, we use our smartphones to find and evaluate everything from local music venues to hot spots to eat lunch. But how does my search engine know when to serve up a list of sushi restaurants when I’m downtown, but serve up a how-to guide when I’m at my house? And what does it take to appear and stay visible in those local searches? Today, I’m taking you through a tour of the local listings ecosystem, from schemas to search snippets, to show you the several important factors and elements that go into appearing and ranking in local search queries.

Highlights from the piece:

How does Google know I’m looking for sushi restaurants when I’m on my phone downtown, but looking for recipes when searching from my desktop, especially when I use the same search query “sushi”?

What is the Knowledge Graph? The Knowledge Graph is Google’s semantic search engine, which gathers and categorizes data about persons, places, and things in the real world.

For those businesses that are in a more competitive landscape, or want to improve their visibility in local search, this is what needs to be done to compete effectively…

Read on in the feature Understanding Local Search: From Schemas to Snippets

The bare minimum any business has to do to compete in Local Search is building out local listings on GoogleMyBusiness and BingPlaces. This alone will add visibility for people looking for your business…