SquareTack Launches, Links Social Sharing To Physical Locations

iOS App Allows Users to Paint a Trail of Memories; Leaving Photos, Video and Notes Wherever They Go

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CALGARY, Alberta, April 12, 2016  – SquareTack launches its iOS app acrossNorth America today, linking social media to the physical world — past and present — by letting users capture and share their experiences, attaching memories in an exact location for others to see.

SquareTack uses a phone’s GPS functionality to store coordinates for digital media and location-based services to share digital footprints with friends and family. Whereas Facebook and Instagram allow users to share what they are doing at the moment, SquareTack encourages users to further interact with specific locations through exploring content left by previous users.

“As an extensive business traveler, there was a period of two years when I stayed at the same hotel every week and left Post-It Notes for myself to find in the rooms, tucked in the bibles,” said Jack Wong, co-founder of SquareTack. “I think everyone feels a need to leave a mark on the world — in some shape or form — to say, ‘I was here.’ We created SquareTack to realize that goal.”

Moments: Just got engaged? Baby’s first steps? Capture a photo or video of your most precious memories so you can reminisce the next time you’re at this spot. Share your moments with friends and family so they can experience the same joys.

Views: Remember that incredible panoramic view you discovered when you went hiking last month? Now you can. Drop a “tack” so that you and others can find it again at the same place, but a different time.

Tastes: That hole-in-the-wall café you love, but can’t recall what you ordered the last time? Refresh your taste buds with a photo of your favorite (or most-loathed) dishes. You can share tips with your friends and family, too.

Inside Tips: When travelling, don’t you wish you had an insider’s guide of local tips? With SquareTack, you can leave a reminder to yourself at the places you’ve been or share advice to help others who will visit later.

For more information on SquareTack, visit http://www.squaretack.com or like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/squaretack.

About SquareTack
Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, SquareTack was co-founded byJack Wong, John Khow and Vinson Keojampa.