Who Cares Where Waldo is? Social Media Mapping is Trending!

This article by Troy Lambert looks at how Social Media Mapping is Crucial for Market Research and your Social Strategy – Social media mapping can also be used as part of in depth market research before a company starts or during critical growth periods. The feature looks at various tools, in combination with GIS programs, that a market research study could use including: a number of social media monitoring and mapping search solutions, census and community data resources,

Who Cares Where Waldo is?? Almost every day, I open up Twitter, and look in the left column at what is trending. I think of how I can leverage that to increase my likes and retweets. If something is trending on Twitter, it’s likely a factor on Facebook and other social media platforms.

More important is what is trending in my area and my particular business niche, and I have saved searches on Twitter and Google alerts set up that tell me what those things are doing worldwide. That data is much more useful if I can filter it down to what is trending in my area, and determine how to leverage that information to grow my business. The value this data provides to business in improving customer experience, identifying new opportunities, and determining which marketing efforts are working the best is invaluable.

Social media mapping can also be used as part of in depth market research before a company starts or during critical growth periods. This type of market research should be an ongoing process that is constantly developing and adding more tools.

As a GIS technician, understanding what advantages this social media data offers, how it shapes marketing efforts, how to gather it, what data to combine it with, and how to best analyze it makes you an invaluable asset in marketing research.

Who? Understanding Persona

What is persona? Essentially this is a business’s ideal customer. Usually this persona falls within a certain age range, has specific interests, and may be made up of one gender or another. Understanding persona helps businesses decide how best to invest their marketing dollars while at the same time trying to broaden the audience they are trying to reach.

Most companies have more than one persona they are trying to engage. For example, book stores hope for a diverse audience of readers. Each area is different, and books that sell well in New York may not sell nearly as well in Boise, Idaho. Political climates, education levels, and other social demographics are radically different.

The bookstore that recognizes this and carries the type of books that will sell well in their area will be more successful. This is what Amazon has done with their first bookstore in Seattle (with others in the works). They have taken data from online sales utilized it to predict what interests customers in a local area. A visit to the bookstore showed how successful they have been at developing a persona and catering to them.

How? Social Media Mapping

Where do you get this data for your area? After all, you do not have the vast number of customer visits Amazon does. However, several tools out there allow you to look at what is trending on social media locally and even keyword(s) in that geographic area. Below are a few examples.

Echosec: This program is more specifically designed for law enforcement and security, investigators, and journalists. The program focuses on events, keywords, and even following persons of interest. Businesses can focus on reputation management using this platform.


Echosec has public, Pro and Enterprise solution

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