Uber Taps Foursquare for Places Data

An update via the Foursquare blog on their latest deal with Uber to provide data, lots of it!

From the foursquare blog…

We at Foursquare are thrilled to announce that we are now supplying Points of Interest (POI) data to Uber, everything from the names and locations of restaurants to local businesses, through a global, multi-year agreement. Also, within the United States for a period of time, we have exclusivity with respect to new POI suppliers.

There are a lot of obvious reasons why this is such a big deal to us, but there are also some really interesting nuances to this deal too. On the obvious side, Uber is a phenom. It’s completely changed the way we move through the world, disrupted entrenched transportation industries, created tons of economic opportunities, and all on a seriously global scale. Foursquare will enable Uber to customize, improve and increase the breadth of our non-personal POI location data to enhance Uber’s rider and driver experience

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