Dev Tp – Week-end Tech Reading: Suggested Free Resources

Happy Memorial Day week-end as we welcome summer. Perhaps you have some travel plans or maybe a camping trip scheduled soon. Here”s some handy, light reading materials that you can download and load your iPad library with to help pass the time and learn a few things as well. Enjoy

2016-05-26 20_53_20-IT Executive's Guide to Big Data and Hadoop, Free MapR Technologies Guide

IT Executive’s Guide to Big Data and Hadoop
What you need to know to start understanding how to put the infrastructure in place to successfully deliver business insights in real-time.

Apache Hadoop Cookbook
Delve into the world of Spring Data Programming with this compact cookbook that introduces common recipes for the Spring Data framework!

Cybercrime Survival Guide
The web had been overrun by data thieves. In their battle to obtain your information, ignorance is their greatest weapon, knowledge their greatest foe. Don’t let their next victim be you or your organisation.

Simply SQL – Free 111 Page Preview
Teach Yourself SQL – The Easy Way! You’ll learn how to make the most of your data using best-practice SQL code. Rather than bore you with theory, it focuses on the practical use of SQL with common databases and uses plenty of diagrams, easy-to-read text, and examples to help make learning SQL easy and fun.

The Small Data Revolution
In this ebook, you’ll see why big data isn’t what CEOs need to run their company, and see how the much more manageable “small data”—the practical human insight within every organization—can transform the way your team operates

Anatomy of a Mobile App
This eBook will show you how to think through the most essential layers inside custom mobile apps to help you create the most engaging experience possible.

The Smart Marketer’s Guide to Social Media Management
In this eBook we’ve assembled some of our best practices in social media management and community engagement so you can put your best foot forward and make connections online – something that adds incredible value to both your audiences and your company.

Happy reading… I hope you find something useful here!