Dev Tip – Coursera Data Analysis Specialization Track
June 2, 2016 Developer

This EDU tip comes to us via 7Wdata…

On Sept. 15, Coursera, a technological enterprise that provides universal online courses free of charge to any and all interested, will debut over 30 specializations. Among the soon-to-come New Business and Computer Science concentrations will stand the University’s  Data Analysis and Interpretation specialization.

In order to successfully complete the comprehensive Data Analysis and Interpretation specialization, learners will have to enroll in a series of four project-based courses. Some of the data science skills that learners will study include data visualization, regression modeling, and machine learning. Participants will conclude their specialization with a capstone project.

“The Data Analysis and Interpretation Specialization takes you from data novice to data analyst in just four project-based courses,” the course description reads. “You’ll learn to apply basic data science tools and techniques, including data visualization, regression modeling, and machine learning.”

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