Dates Announced for Telematics West Coast 2016

Automakers are making some big bets on the future: data, services, mobility, automation… tapping into innovation like never before in the race to define the landscape in the decades to come. The source of the majority of this innovation? The West Coast USA!


Telematics West Coast 2016 is TU-Automotive’s premiere west coast event dedicated to tackling the most pressing challenges and opportunities in delivering the next generation of smart content & services, as well as showing off what the West Coast has to offer automotive innovation!

West Coast always delivers a sterling cast of senior industry influencers: With over 250 top OEMs, tier 1s, start-ups, content providers, TSPs, and software providers all networking together, this is the one west coast networking opportunity you just can’t miss.

A Sample of The Topics We Cover:

We are still finalizing this year’s topics after months of research and input from key industry players from across the value chain. See below for an idea of what we offer:

  • BIG DATA: BIG PICTURE: From apps and advertising to UBI and diagnostics – break through the siloes to create an all-encompassing analytics platform that fully exploits the power of data
  • WALK THE DEV. CYCLE TIGHTROPE: Tackle the interplay between standards, OTA updates & modular hardware to deliver cutting edge experiences without compromising safety
  • AUTOMOTIVE – THE NEXT GENERATION: Ground-breaking West Coast start-ups are redefining the automotive industry. Hear directly from the disruptors who are taking the connected car where it has never gone before
  • CYBERSECURITY – CREATING ‘FORTRESS CAR’: With the threat of hacking and remote vehicle access growing by the day, identify and protect the key attack vectors to keep the connected car secure

  • COMMUNICATING WITH YOUR CAR: As IVI grows more complex and humans cede further control to ADAS; discover how drivers will interact with these new systems. Is this the end of the traditional cockpit?

  • TAKING RESPONSIBILITY: With ever greater levels of autonomy and complexity being introduced into the connected car, where does the buck stop? We help you untangle the web

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October 13-14, 2016 in San Diego, CA