The Where of Drone Technology

The FAA is still figuring it out, and all of us who love maps are drooling over the potential of high definition photography and even virtual reality for creating high definition maps and 360 degree views of locations all over the globe. The private drone sector is exploding as smaller craft become both more affordable and more advanced.

As these flying machines fill the sky, not only will the data they gather help enhance mapping products, but that same data will help enhance the usefulness of the drones themselves.

Mapping Where Drones Are Registered

The FAA rules now state even private, non commercial drones must be registered if they are over .55 pound, or 8.8 ounces when flight ready. This means if once extended life batteries or other accessories are added the drone exceeds this weight it must be registered, and the registration number displayed legibly on the aircraft.

Some smaller drones and most medium to large consumer drones such as the Parrot AR exceed this weight. Tracking where these drones are and how they are being used is an important part of this process. Time has created this interactive map to show where drones are most popular at the moment.

mapping drones per capita

Map Courtesy Time

As this data grows, more mapping will become necessary, and more data will be included in the mapping process.

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