Orion Advisor Services Announces 2016 Fuse Conference
July 5, 2016 Developer

Orion Advisor Services Announces 2016 Fuse Conference, Now Open to Advisors; Launches Fuse Notification Platform for Tech Developers

OMAHA, NE–(June 29, 2016) –

  • Fuse is the wealth management industry’s only conference dedicated specifically to financial advisor technology developers;
  • 2016 Hackathon theme is ‘Notifications’, open to technology integration partners and Orion advisors who have developers on staff;
  • The #FuseUtah conference will be held September 8th-11th in Park City, Utah. Register here.

Orion Advisor Services, LLC (“Orion”), a premier portfolio accounting service provider for financial advisors, will host its third annual Fuse Conference from September 8-11 in Park City, Utah. Fuse is the wealth management industry’s only conference dedicated specifically to financial advisor technology developers.

Fuse is a gathering of the industry’s top innovators, brought together for a marathon coding event aimed at developing new products and features to integrate within Orion’s open architecture platform. The conference features a two-day Hackathon, a friendly competition aimed at creating cutting-edge technology solutions for independent financial advisors. This is the first year Fuse is welcoming developers from advisory firms that use Orion software.

“At Orion, we are proud to foster a community for developers to work towards a common goal — providing advisors with innovative technology tools that help them to better serve their clients,” said CEO of Orion, Eric Clarke. “We decided to open this year’s Fuse conference to developers from advisory firms in order to ensure we have the very best ideas from experts deeply embedded in the advisory space, who have an expertise in designing and implementing software solutions.”

Fuse 2016 will feature a number of notable experts from the financial technology space who will serve as judges for the Hackathon. These judges include Joel Bruckenstein, President of Technology Tools for Today, Michael Kitces, Publisher of Nerd’s Eye View, Bill Winterberg, Technology Consultant at, JD Bruce, President of Abacus Wealth Partners, Billy Oliverio, Vice President of United Planners, Ryan Beach, President of CLS Investments and Tina Powell, Director of Business Management at Beacon Wealth Management.

“I was a judge for Fuse 2015 and am honored to participate again judging this year’s Fuse Hackathon,” said Kitces. “Bringing people together is essential to spur innovation and creative ideas, and I’m thrilled to see how successful this Orion event has been at spurring FinTech companies to think through industry challenges and create new out-of-the-box solutions.”

As part of the overarching “notifications” theme this year, Orion has launched a Fuse Notification platform, which allows technology partners to seamlessly exchange notifications across platforms using their UserID. This open platform is now available for all Fuse participants.

The 2015 Fuse conference brought together 75 attendees from 25 participating firms. Along with the coveted Best in Show award, which last year was given to registration compliance consulting firm, RIA in a Box®, the 2016 Hackathon brings several new award categories, includingBest New CRM Integration, Best Financial Planning Integration and Best Bang for Your Buck.

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