Geofeedia Announces Location-Based Intelligence Platform Partnership Opportunities
July 6, 2016 Business

An interesting tip comes via way of the Geofeedia blog…


Geofeedia launched the Geofeedia Partner Program today to integrate external technologies and make its industry-leading location-based intelligence platform available through a growing network of channel partners.

With a patented suite of data aggregation algorithms, Geofeedia is the leading platform for marketers, journalists, corporate operations teams and the public sector to conduct real-time information discovery at local places on a global basis.

“The Geofeedia platform is an integral component of a tech ecosystem that enables unparalleled insight and intelligence. We’re very excited to partner with other best of breed solution providers that bring unmatched value and functionality to our end users,” said Phil Harris, CEO of Geofeedia. “Our partners’ domain expertise empowers us to apply our solutions to address very specific problems in very specific ways with the power that only location-based intelligence affords.”

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