GPS Built for the Outdoorsman

For the serious outdoorsman, hunting and fishing gear can make all the difference in the success of a trip. While there are many accessories for firearms and fishing available, global positioning systems (GPS) have become one of the most relied upon gadgets for outdoor enthusiasts.

GPS Built for the Outdoorsman

And they can be found just about anywhere, from our smartphones to the watches on our wrists. Here are a few of the most wanted GPS-enabled accessories on the market today.

GPS Watch

Many styles of GPS watches are built with the sportsman in mind. These watches are rugged, built-tough and able to withstand a series of inclement conditions. For example, the Garmin Fenix, which is waterproof up to 50-meters, not only has a built-in GPS but an altimeter, barometer and compass. The built-in altimeter can track your elevation, the GPS ensures that you won’t get lost in the woods and the compass keeps you going in the right direction. This watch contains all of these special instruments in one, wearable device, whereas before a hunter would have had to carry all of the devices and tools in a pack.

Marine GPS

A good GPS can make a good fisherman a great fisherman. Afterall, many of today’s marine GPS models offer sonar and fish finders that make locating your catch a lot easier than it was before the technology emerged onto the market. RayMarine, Garmin, Lowrance and Simrad are just a few of the manufactures that are making high-tech marine GPS devices for fisherman and boaters. The Simrad GO7 XSE TotalScan boasts an easy-to-read 7-inch touch screen, GPS and savvy built-in fish finding sonar technology. It also features down imaging, custom map creation options, multi-window display and it is waterproof.


For many outdoorsmen, there’s no replacing the standard handheld GPS. These devices are great for tracking, hunting and finding your way out of the woods. You can easily pinpoint your location, mark significant points and in some cases even make notes. Reliable handheld GPS models have mapping software built-in, high-quality displays, fast speeds, great satellite reception, a number of maps, accessories and even a warranty. One GPS handheld model that fits the bill is the Garmin GPSMAP 64s. While this model does not feature a touchscreen like many others on the market do today, it does get the job done. This model offers a built-in compass and it is compatible with a range of other devices as well.

The Gun Box

The Gun Box is the modern sportsman’s gun safe. This box for guns was created to be stored in plain sight without being an eyesore, where a firearm could be easily accessed in a crisis. The Gun Box is available in three sizes that can suit a range of weapons from tactical firearms and shotguns to pistols. With the Gun Box, gun owners can pay an extra service fee to monitor the location of the box at all times. This system can even be used to notify gun owners when the box itself fails to check-in with its GPS tracker. It also utilizes an accelerometer that will send messages directly to your smartphone if the box is being tampered with.