Nokia Announces Global Launch of Nokia 6, 5 and 3 Android Smartphones at #MWC2017

Today via 360 degree Globally streamed livestream over YouTube, Nokia continued with 150 years of tradition by revealing their latest B2C solutions – a series of “flagship” smartphones running the Android OS. Enter the Nokia 6, Nokia 5 and Nokia 3

nokia 6

The Nokia 6 Android smartphone

After a long hiatus and absence from the Global consumer smartphone smartphone market (this due to the Nokia device unit sale a few years ago to Microsoft) Nokia is back with their latest Global offering, the Nokia 6 Android smartphone. Note, the Nokia 6 was initially launched in china to amazing success, with 1.4 million devices selling in the first several days after launch – this was their test market. Announced today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Nokia is now coming to the masses with 3 devices covering a range of specs and prices to satisfy all users. The Nokia 6 is the heavy weight starting at just 229 Euros, the slightly smaller and cheaper Nokia 5 will be available starting at 189 Euros, and the more affordable, lighter weight Nokia 3 just 139 Euros.

Users will experience the quality and craftmanship that we’ve all come to expect from Nokia hardware. Solid, high def cameras, Gorilla glass, brilliant colors, solid design, and yes, even the familiar “Nokia” ringtones and even Snake!

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