Keep up-to-date with the evolving world of JavaScript

Keep up-to-date with the evolving world of JavaScript.

Modern JavaScript ($19 Value) FREE For a Limited Time

It’s not uncommon these days to see people complaining about how complex JavaScript development seems to have become. If you’re learning JS, it won’t take long for you to be exposed to the enormity of the ecosystem and the sheer number of moving pieces you need to understand (at least conceptually) to build a modern web application.

Package management, linting, transpilation, module bundling, minification, source maps, frameworks, unit testing, hot reloading… it can’t be denied that this is a lot more complex than just including a couple of script tags in your page and FTPing it up to the server. This anthology is a collection of articles, hand-picked from SitePoint’s JavaScript channel with the aim of giving you a head start on modern JavaScript development. Use this eBook to keep up to date with the latest developments!

This resource is for intermediate level JavaScript developers. Some experience of JavaScript development is assumed.

Free offer expires 7/10/17