AirSage Validates Population Movement Increased by as Much as 1,000% During the Total Solar Eclipse

Graphs are available to demonstrate movement pattern specific to day of solar eclipse

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AirSage confirmed today that last week’s solar eclipse actually slowed people down so they could enjoy and capture the natural beauty of the celestial show. The AirSage data of this nationwide pause showed that millions of people gathered in viewing spots across the country on August 21 to view the eclipse, revealing a 100% increase in traffic for some viewing areas and up to a 1,000% increase in places that provided key viewing locations not usually trafficked in the middle of a workday.

AirSage validates population movement increased by as much as 1,000% during the total solar eclipse.

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This type of data is invaluable to industries such as tourism and transportation planning. Additionally, the speed of return for this type information – that once took months to process – helps industries better plan and react to major events, spectacles and natural disasters.

AirSage has the widest coverage in the United States of any location-based data service provider by collecting and analyzing real-time mobile signals, GPS, and other location based data to produce and process billions of anonymous data points every day. As in the case of the eclipse, AirSage analyzed data patterns along the eclipse path to find out large increases (or decreases) in the movement of people through their mobile and GPS devices along the solar eclipse path during totality when compared to the previous Monday (August 14).

AirSage has created a number of graphics that analyze the National, Regional and Local impact of people movement in relationship to viewing the total solar eclipse. <These population movement graphics can be viewed by clicking here.> These snapshots analyze the percent changes in traffic and gathering of viewers per region.

The graphics will clearly show sparsely populated places like Madras, OR; rural Idaho; and Wyoming seeing a more than a 1,000% increase in devices during totality. High population centers such as suburban Kansas City and Nashville also saw about 100% to 500% increase in devices during totality. Out of state visitors increased along the solar eclipse path in Oregon. The Bay Area in California has more than 1,000% more visitors to Oregon compared to the previous Monday. Similarly, a high percentage of visitors came from Southern California and Seattle to view eclipse totality in Oregon.

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