Waze vs. Google Maps – Which App Will Navigate Home Faster

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2017-12-08 21_09_08-Waze vs. Google Maps - Which App Will Navigate Home Faster, Free MakeUseOf Tips

When Google acquired Waze back in 2013, a lot of users thought it meant lights out for the Israel-based mapping service. But that hasn’t been the case. Instead of being entirely folded in, Waze continues to exist alongside Google Maps. And that’s great in terms of user preference and choice, but it leaves us with a tough question: Which navigation app is the best?

On the one hand, the two apps share a lot of the same behind-the-scenes mapping data, so they’re both more than adequate for the job. That being said, they do serve different audiences, and the one that you prefer will come down to what kind of navigation experience you’re looking for.

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