3 Awesome Apps for the Civil Engineer

When it comes to Civil Engineering, there’s now desktop apps and also mobile ones for Android and iOS too. While you won’t usually get all the same features with a mobile app, the ability to draw directly on the screen, much like you might do via a Wacom tablet or directly on an Android screen, lets you create or modify blueprints and early design mockups with relative ease.

Here are three excellent apps useful for Civil Engineers – and people who would like to train to become one.

Frame Design from Let’s Construct

Frame Design is a package that focuses on enabling you to create the most interesting, sturdy frames as two-dimensional structures. It works either via a modern web browser like Google Chrome for 2D structures or as an Android app for producing sections made of concrete, or 1D and 2D frames. There are also libraries with different profiles for steel, so any new or experienced civil engineer can produce the correct calculations based on known variables.

Anyone seriously interested in this type of structural design should consider the Norwich University Masters in Civil Engineering which covers these topics in considerable detail. The Civil Engineering degree from Norwich University is a great step towards an interesting, well-reimbursed career in a growing field.

AutoCAD 360 from AutoDesk

The AutoCAD 360 mobile app is from AutoDesk, a brand that’s no stranger to providing excellent CAD software, which Civil engineers rely upon. Best used on an Android tablet for the greater screen real estate, this mobile software makes both DXF and DWG files accessible. Basic adjustments to the details stored within the files, like moving a line, changing the dimensions, adding new shapes, changing measurements, and exporting the changes as a JPEG or PDF file, are all possible.

While it’s probably not sensible to attempt to create a new file from scratch on a tablet, and certainly not on a smartphone with this app, it does make it easier to access standardized format files on-the-road and apply some minor tweaks.

Civil Engineering Dictionary

The Civil Engineering Dictionary is great for anyone who is still learning the ropes or studying to be a Civil Engineer. The Android app contains over 10,000 words and phrases that are common to the industry. For foreign students, it is particularly useful because most of these types of words won’t be found in an English textbook. A few hundred of the most popular words and phrases also come with a picture to visually confirm what the item is.

Favorite words can be saved to look up later when they’re used frequently. There are additional civil engineering tutorials, notes from academic classes, and other useful little extras that one wouldn’t normally expect. Text can also be shared or sent to other apps or devices too.

There are many types of apps for PC, Mac, and mobile devices that are useful to a trainee civil engineer, or even an experienced one who wants an easy way to double-check their figures. It’s just a matter of finding the right app for your computing platform of choice to have what you need on the job.