Can an Accounting Degree Support a Career in Tech?

The technology industry is an exciting and innovative one that many people would love to break into. Unfortunately, a lot of people also feel deterred from working in the tech industry because they feel that they are in some way unsuitable. In some cases, this can mean feeling like you lack the necessary qualifications, but what many people do not realize is that the range of skills which are employed in the tech industry is constantly growing. The perfect job could be out there just waiting for you to discover it!

Among the many degrees which can serve as a viable route to a long-term career in the tech industry, accounting isn’t the first one that springs to most people’s minds. Not only do technology firms need accountants just as much as any other, but many of the skills that you learn in pursuit of your accounting studies will be transferable to other roles.

Here are some of the roles that an accounting degree opens up to graduates, both directly and as a supporting qualification.

Business Adviser

The role of a business adviser is somewhat self-explanatory. They are responsible for advising businesses. In doing so, they will provide businesses with information and analyses, much of which will require good economic and accounting knowledge. You will use your understanding of accounting to extrapolate the financial realities of competing businesses and to assess the best way of proceeding with expansions.

Many business advisors work specifically with startups, showing them the ropes and helping them develop their entrepreneurial skills. As the years go by, you gain more and more experience in helping businesses take their first steps and your advice will become more valuable.

Data Analyst

Data analysts need to be good with numbers. As an accountant, you will have to get good at working with numbers and in undertaking an analysis of large data sets. There will also be instances where data scientists wish to work alongside people like accountants who have specialized knowledge. This will allow them to refine their analytical methods to suit the type of problem, in this case, accounting, that is at hand.

If you happen to already work in the field of data science or analytics, then consider checking out an online accounting degree such as this one from the University of Alabama-Birmingham Online. Studying with UAB online allows you to continue to work while you study, you will then find it easy to combine the two skills.

Accounting Technician

Accounting technicians are responsible for preparing the financial information which will ultimately be used by accountants and business managers to inform decision making at the highest levels. With many of today’s technology companies playing with billions of dollars every day, the advice they receive from their accountants and others is crucial to their success.

If you are hoping to start a career in the tech industry, then an accounting degree might not seem like the most obvious first step, but it is an area of study that will teach you numerous transferable skills and position you for crucial roles in a number of businesses.