Three must-have gadgets for business trips

Long hours waiting in airport lounges, lonely evenings in hotel lobbies and time away from those creature comforts of home… Does this all sound depressingly familiar?Business travel can be manageable for the first few days, but weeks on the road, long hours and traveling through different time zones can be tough. What if you could invest in a few gadgets that would make your life a whole lot easier? Not to mention more comfortable to boot. Life might be a journey, but there’s no need to make it even more painful than it has to be. Check out these three gadgets that are a must-have while away on business.

An external battery

You’re just about to sign a deal after months of haggling and phone calls when disaster strikes – both your cell phone and your laptop are nearly dead, adding to your ever increasing stress. The smart business traveler is a step ahead and has their own external battery. Far from a briefcase-sized monstrosity, external batteries are getting smaller – boasting USB ports and the ability to connect to a whole variety of models and makes. So don’t get caught short when it comes to keeping your gadgets charged. This handy item is a must-have if you are notorious for wearing the battery down on your trusty cell phone.

Wearable technology

Wouldn’t it be great if you could make your business trip go ahead without any glitches? Although airport delays and heavy traffic are beyond your control, punctuality is key when keeping to strict business schedules. In fact, months of traveling out of the office can wreak havoc to your routine and lifestyle, as you become stressed, busy and overworked with many meetings and client encounters.

Innovations such as wearable technology, however, can be the answer to many problems a professional faces, such as answering phone calls out of the office and responding to emails hastily. Although many businesspersons remain true to the sophisticated and traditional watches, the rise of technology and its popularity means appropriate measures are to be taken. In this new, digital age, you need to be fast and available while remaining stylish. However, if you’re still not sold on the matter, then make sure you educate yourself on the rise of the smartwatch and how it’s changing the way we conduct business.

Noise cancelling headphones

What if you could use your headphones to catch some shut-eye while sat next to a screaming infant on a long haul flight? Or perhaps you want to be blown away by an incredibly smooth sound while enjoying your favorite album. The good news is there are now headphones on the market that can deliver this, in addition to being incredibly comfortable and fashionable too. Noise cancelling headphones are the way to go if you want to experience complete peace and quiet while on the move. Plus, you can choose from in-ear or external models depending on your preference. These are a must to keep you well rested and focused on your next big deal.