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Woocomerce POS: The Current Buzz

Feature – Woocomerce POS: The Current Buzz

Points of sale systems have been around for some time now and they are quite popular with store owners. A good point of sale system or POS system can tally sales on a website, in a store, track inventory, bill the products, assess taxes, and carry out a range of other functions.


Feature – BYOD or Be Square

It’s 2014. And like many other long standing conventions, working in the confinement of an office space for a fixed period of time, is being challenged. When flex-time and work from home are part of the norm, you know it’s time to introduce BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device. A recent survey conducted by Moka […]

Samsung Gear

Wearable Tech – 5 SmartWatches to Consider and Android Wear Launches

Wearable tech, you know, those cool, powerful little pieces of hardware that masquerade as jewelry and also put the Internet and clever mobile apps at your fingertips (as if we aren’t already over-connected as it is!). This feature from CloverPoint provides a look at some cool, wearable technology and some developer tips on Android Wear

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