TomTom calls for people to star in its new road movie, ‘Life in a Car’


AMSTERDAM–TomTom (TOM2) is calling on drivers around the world to get involved in a short film celebrating life on the road. From the everyday to the extraordinary, TomTom wants drivers to capture and share their favourite driving experiences for the chance to star in the film, called Life in a Car. The film will be made entirely from footage shot by real drivers, and will be directed by Natalia Andreadis, who worked on Ridley Scott’s award-winning crowd-sourced movie, Life in a Day. It will premiere in September this year. [Read more…]

HERE and Now: Location Based Marketing and High Definition Mapping

Why would a retail giant like Amazon be interested in investing in a mapping company? That’s the first question many will ask when they discover the company is reportedly in talks with a consortium of German automakers for a stake in the high definition mapping company HERE. But there are several logical reasons, and they all relate to the huge role mapping and GIS will play in more and more businesses over the next decade. [Read more…]

How to Make Coworking Space Productive for Your Company

How to Make Coworking Space Productive for Your Company

We live in a sharing economy. We share our homes with AirBnb, we share our cars with Uber, and we even share small jobs with TaskRabbit. Why should the office be any different? Business owners are always looking for new and innovative ways to cut costs without compromising growth, and rethinking where we work has created one of the latest sharing trends in business, the “coworking space.” [Read more…]