NASA Challenges Developers With The Climate Resilience Data Challenge

dev challlenge

Some cool stuff from NASA, an opportunity for developers who really want to help with a great cause!  NASA in partnership with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) is offering more than $35,000 in prizes to citizen scientists for ideas that make use of climate data to address vulnerabilities faced by the United States in coping with climate change.  [Read more…]

Location Privacy and What you Might be Sharing Over Public WiFi

Maybe Better If You Don’t Read This Story on Public WiFi

An interesting read from Maurits Martijn as a test from an Internet Cafe in Amsterdam reveals just how easy it is for a hacker to exploit you and ruin your life if they want! “We took a hacker to a café and, in 20 minutes, he knew where everyone else was born, what schools they attended, and the last five things they googled.”  [Read more…]

4 Ways Taking Your Business Paperless Will Benefit Your Business


The paperless office used to be considered the pipe dream of the technology minded. A paperless office was going to be the next wave of the future, the way that businesses will run in the year 2250. But the future has come earlier than expected, and the good news is that it’s even been field tested: if you were hesitant to make the switch because you wanted to see how it was going to work out for the people who have already tried, the reports are in and the reports are favorable. There are many ways that ditching the filing cabinets and overstocked printers will benefit your business, but here are four of the choicest examples laid out for you. [Read more…]