Can an Accounting Degree Support a Career in Tech?

The technology industry is an exciting and innovative one that many people would love to break into. Unfortunately, a lot of people also feel deterred from working in the tech industry because they feel that they are in some way unsuitable. In some cases, this can mean feeling like you lack the necessary qualifications, but what many people do not realize is that the range of skills which are employed in the tech industry is constantly growing. The perfect job could be out there just waiting for you to discover it! [Read more…]

3 Ways You Can Use Smartwatches to Keep You Safe

Smartwatches are becoming the next must-have gadget. You can receive notifications, answer calls, connect to your smart devices, track your fitness, listen to music and navigate your surrounding area. Smartwatches are reliable and easily accessible, which also makes them more useful than smartphones in dangerous situations. Let’s take a closer look at the features that help keep you safe. [Read more…]

Aviation industry must embrace modern PTT technologies for more coordinated and efficient turnaround processes

The global aviation industry is growing rapidly. Traffic volumes have increased by around six per cent per year for many years, which equates to a doubling of traffic every 12 years. New airlines, cheaper tickets. improved passenger experiences both on and off the planes, a change in consumer behaviour favouring experiences and air travel all contribute to this positive trend that I (and experts like IATA) expect will continue. [Read more…]

Wearable Trends Now and in the Future

Wearable technology is still in its infancy, but as the technology gets smaller, the batteries last longer and the developers come up with new and innovative ideas, its integration into everyday life is inevitable. Between passive and active input, there will be a piece of wearable technology for everyone. The following are just a few types of wearable technology that are already gaining traction: [Read more…]

The Where of Drone Technology

The FAA is still figuring it out, and all of us who love maps are drooling over the potential of high definition photography and even virtual reality for creating high definition maps and 360 degree views of locations all over the globe. The private drone sector is exploding as smaller craft become both more affordable and more advanced. [Read more…]

Who Cares Where Waldo is? Social Media Mapping is Trending!

social media mapping

This article by Troy Lambert looks at how Social Media Mapping is Crucial for Market Research and your Social Strategy – Social media mapping can also be used as part of in depth market research before a company starts or during critical growth periods. The feature looks at various tools, in combination with GIS programs, that a market research study could use including: a number of social media monitoring and mapping search solutions, census and community data resources, [Read more…]

HERE and Now: Location Based Marketing and High Definition Mapping

Why would a retail giant like Amazon be interested in investing in a mapping company? That’s the first question many will ask when they discover the company is reportedly in talks with a consortium of German automakers for a stake in the high definition mapping company HERE. But there are several logical reasons, and they all relate to the huge role mapping and GIS will play in more and more businesses over the next decade. [Read more…]