Top 10 Considerations For Your Next Hackathon

Hackathons… all the cool kids are doing them! Yes indeed, with the plethora of opendata being made available to the masses there’s no better way to get started than to hack. You know, a group of geeks gets together over pizza, beer and redbull, downloads a ton of data, cracks open their favorite SDKs, APIs and developer tools and hopefully finishes the day with an app or at least the start of a fun project to continue on with.

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Get Found – 10 Map Services Your Business MUST Be Listed in


You have a business… perhaps a bar, a coffee shop, or maybe a consulting firm. Regardless of the business type, if you have a brick and mortar presence then you need to get your business listed in some of the popular online, location-based resources and search tools. Even more important is being found via mobile search. Your customers are online constantly, mostly via their tablet or smartphone. In order for them to find you it’s critical that your business turns up in ALL the popular local search tools and map engines. Recently I was attempting to locate a local business on the web. I had a name and rough location, attempted a search and couldn’t find anything at all online about the business – talk about a fail! The following are 10 places you need to be listed if you want to be found.

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Best Gadgets & Tech Of 2013: Best Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, App, Console, OS And More

2013 was the year when consumer technology really became part of our daily lives. Thanks to a confluence of hardware, software and infrastructure the devices we own can now help us with exercise, trips, dating, and even cooking! We’ve summed up 2013 in tech in our infographic featuring best smartphones, tablets and other gadgets

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Top Five Safety Tips for Parents of Teen Drivers

CINCINNATI, Oct. 16, 2013  –  This year thousands of parents will face the challenge of determining whether their teen is ready to get behind the wheel. In honor of National Teen Driver Safety Week (Oct. 20 -26), Tag N Go™, providers of a technology-based safe driving system, has partnered with the Driving School Association of the Americas (DSAA) to develop a list of top safety tips for parents of teen drivers.

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Top New Features in iOS 7

Have you run the latest OS update on your iOS device(s) yet? If not you should keep in mind that iOS 7 is now waiting for you. If you’ve been wondering what to expect you might find this piece on MacWorld of interest along with the video they provided below – enjoy iOS 7.

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Top 10 Ways To Break Your New iPhone 5S or 5C – Infographic

MacSales shares with us… We’ve all been there. One second, you and your iPhone are blissfully skipping through a field of flowers—you’re texting, watching YouTube videos, updating your status to “feeling exhausted” on Facebook for the third day in a row—and just like that, your moment comes to a screeching halt. [Read more…]