U.S. Army Research Laboratory announces ARL South

ADELPHI, MD (November 16, 2016) – Today, the U.S. Army Research Laboratory announced new partnerships with the University of Texas at Austin and other regional universities establishing ARL South. ARL South was established to give ARL a physical presence in this region and to enhance ARL’s growing global science and technology ecosystem. [Read more…]

TomTom Launches On-Street Parking Service to Help Drivers Find that Parking Spot More Quickly


Paris Motor Show - TomTom (TOM2) today announced the introduction of an On-Street Parking service, a game-changer for drivers on the hunt for that hard to find parking spot. The service will be initially available as a data feed1 for 25 cities2 in Europe, with additional geo-expansion to follow. The TomTom On-Street Parking will complement the existing Off-Street Parking (parking garage) information service already available to TomTom customers and licensing customers. [Read more…]