Can an Accounting Degree Support a Career in Tech?

The technology industry is an exciting and innovative one that many people would love to break into. Unfortunately, a lot of people also feel deterred from working in the tech industry because they feel that they are in some way unsuitable. In some cases, this can mean feeling like you lack the necessary qualifications, but what many people do not realize is that the range of skills which are employed in the tech industry is constantly growing. The perfect job could be out there just waiting for you to discover it! [Read more…]

TomTom On-Street Parking Service Now Available in 100 European Cities

AMSTERDAM–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TomTom’s (TOM2) On-Street Parking service, a game-changer for drivers on the hunt for that hard-to-find parking spot, has expanded availability to 100 cities in Europe, marking a major milestone for the offering. The service provides drivers with the probability of finding a parking space on the street, as well as the average search-time. [Read more…]