Wearable Trends Now and in the Future

Wearable technology is still in its infancy, but as the technology gets smaller, the batteries last longer and the developers come up with new and innovative ideas, its integration into everyday life is inevitable. Between passive and active input, there will be a piece of wearable technology for everyone. The following are just a few types of wearable technology that are already gaining traction: [Read more…]

Computer Vision, 6/10 – Registration Open

Computer Vision is the junction of image acquisition (ex: cameras) and the computer power that can make sense of the images coming from the cameras. Using Computer Vision (CV), systems can make some kind of sense of their world, which is in turn used to help machines operate in that world. For our purposes, CV is the creation of usable 3D models and recognition of the objects in that model for the purposes of ADAS or autonomous cars. [Read more…]

Heads! Executive Consultancy Appoints Mark Webster as Global Practice Co-Leader of Smart Car Vehicle Practice

San Francisco, CA, May 5, 2016 (Newswire.com) – ​​Responding to overwhelming demand from clients within the worldwide smart car vehicle ecosystem, Global Advisory and Executive Search firm Heads! Executive Consultancy announced today Mark Webster’s appointment as Global Practice Co-Leader of a new Smart Car Vehicle Practice, located in their San Francisco and Palo Alto offices. [Read more…]