3 Ways You Can Use Smartwatches to Keep You Safe

Smartwatches are becoming the next must-have gadget. You can receive notifications, answer calls, connect to your smart devices, track your fitness, listen to music and navigate your surrounding area. Smartwatches are reliable and easily accessible, which also makes them more useful than smartphones in dangerous situations. Let’s take a closer look at the features that help keep you safe. [Read more…]

Security Innovation Partners with Women in Security and Privacy (WISP) for a Night of Fun & Education

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WILMINGTON, Mass.–Security Innovation recently became a proud sponsor of Women in Security and Privacy (WISP), a fiscally sponsored project of Community Initiatives that promotes the development, advancement, and inclusion of women in the Security and Privacy industry. [Read more…]

A Small Mobile App is Reshaping the Idea of Personal Safety

COLUMBUS, Ohio, June 5, 2016 — The country of South Africa is a beautiful┬áplace and full of some amazing people, yet government corruption, politics and slow or non-existent police response have created a nation that is ripe with violent crime. It is so bad that every 25 minutes someone is murdered in South Africa, often for trivial reasons. A simple stroll down the street could get you mugged, and farmers located in isolated areas are often attacked or even raped by lawless criminal gangs. [Read more…]