AUGUST 14, 2014
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lbszone news Introducing the Carlson BRx5 GNSS Receiver for survey and GIS professionals
The Carlson BRx5 GNSS receiver, an integrated all-in-one pole-top GNSS receiver, has just been released by Carlson Software Inc. Each BRx5 contains a multi-constellation, multi-band 270-channel GNSS receiver, internal GSM cell modem, UHF radio, dual hot-swappable batteries and internal level sensors. Designed for survey and GIS professionals...
lbszone news Location Based Services Market to Reach $43.3Bn by 2019, Driven by Context Aware Mobile Services
A new report from Juniper Research forecasts that the Mobile Context and Location Services market will reach $43.3bn in revenue by 2019, rising from an estimated $12.2bn in 2014. The report highlighted that over two-thirds of revenues will be driven through highly targeted and contextually aware ad-supported apps by the end of the forecast period...
lbszone news Location Sharing: Millennials No Longer the Only Ones Sharing their Whereabouts
Alohar Mobile, developer of PlaceUs, a free app that brings together trusted loved ones with context-awareness and location-based technology, today announced the results of its new Digital Milestones: Location Sharing survey in which 71% of smartphone users expressed their openness to mobile applications designed to share their whereabouts with loved ones. Key drivers include safety and convenience along with the trust that comes with certain relationship milestones...
lbszone news SKULLY Delivers World's First Augmented Reality Motorcycle Helmet
The AR-1 motorcycle helmet, the first vertically integrated smart HUD helmet for consumers. In addition to a revolutionary Heads Up Display system that displays information approximately 10 feet in front of the rider, the AR-1 helmet features a near 180-degree rearview camera, turn-by-turn GPS navigation, smartphone pairing and voice control, making it the world's smartest motorcycle helmet. The AR-1 was introduced in late 2013 to worldwide acclaim, resulting in more than 100,000 beta tester applications...
lbszone news The Future of Drones: Sky-High Hopes vs. Regulatory Realities
Drones have been used by the military for decades, but Pirker's videos offer a glimpse of just one possible way these robotic fliers could be used in the future. As advances in technology have made drones smaller and more accessible, their potential applications are extending far beyond their use as warfighters for the military or toys for hobbyists...
lbszone news Foursquare Gets a HUGE Update to R.8
I have to admit, it really does feel more personalized, this thanks to the learning about me that the app wants to initiate - right from the get-go after the update you'll be promoted to tell foursquare all about your likes, I assume so the app can make relevant recommendations. The jury is still out on this release...
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 Apple Maps ahead of Google Maps in mapping traffic in UK, claims EE
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 How to lock down Facebook privacy
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 New Omnitracs Tracking Powered by Roadnet Delivers Enhanced Mobile Workforce Management
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 Avis Car Rental and Budget Car Rental Partners with TCS to Launch New Mobile Applications
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 Hertz And Navigation Solutions Launch First-Of-Its-Kind Travel App
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 Major Airlines Approve New Cargo Tracking Devices on Aircraft
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 Juniper Systems Announces New Rugged Handheld Company - Cedar Tree Technologies
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