AUGUST 20, 2014
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lbszone news A History of Cell Phones
It would be interesting to hand a smartphone to Alexander Graham Bell. I don't think he could fathom that his invention would translate to what it is now. In what started as a line and a can has evolved to include video communication, cloud computing and sending images and messages to your dearest ones instantaneously. Even more mind-blowing is how quickly the technology has evolved over the past 20 years...
lbszone news Free Mobile Trail Maps Available for New York State Parks
Park visitors with GPS-enabled devices are now able to locate themselves on New York State Parks maps as they navigate the trails. The maps provide a great option for visitors planning a hike in remote parks, where wireless service is not always available and when streaming map providers lack the detailed content. Visitors can download maps through the Avenza PDF Maps in-app map store on their mobile device and save it on their device...
lbszone news TripCase + Uber = Brilliant
Starting today, TripCase users can get a ride with Uber seamlessly from the TripCase app (in cities where Uber is available). Since we know where you are in your trip, TripCase can offer the Uber service at just the right time. The Uber API allows us to pull in estimated time of arrival and costs, to make getting a ride as easy as possible. Travelers who use Uber through TripCase will also receive special discount pricing...
lbszone news Tour of Britain 2014 route maps released
Ordnance Survey, the official Mapping Partner for the Friends Life Tour of Britain, is pleased to release the full set of route maps for the nine stages of The Tour. This year's exciting event starts in Liverpool on 7 September and will finish in London with a split final stage on 14 September. On the way to London the elite group of road cyclists will visit a number of towns and cities across the nation including Llandudno, Newtown, the Tumble, Worcester, Bristol, Exeter, Bath, Hemel Hempstead and Brighton...
lbszone news The Future of Drones: Sky-High Hopes vs. Regulatory Realities
Drones have been used by the military for decades, but Pirker's videos offer a glimpse of just one possible way these robotic fliers could be used in the future. As advances in technology have made drones smaller and more accessible, their potential applications are extending far beyond their use as warfighters for the military or toys for hobbyists...
lbszone news JAVAD GNSS Announces Triumph F-1 Unmanned Aerial Sensor
We did not retrofit a toy with GPS. We designed and developed TRIUMPH-F1 as we have all of our other products. The four motor arms (for 8 motors) are detachable and there are four screw inserts in the bottom to attach mount pole attachment for field use, so TRIUMPH-F1 can be used as TRIUMPH-1 for field work as base or rover - Ready to fly in Q1 2015
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 UM Spin-Out Sakti3 Delivers Double the Energy Density of Current Lithium Ion Battery Technology
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 Cobra Electronics Named Finalist in 2014 CTIA Hot for the Holidays Awards
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 Pittsburgh Tech Crawl - September 11-13
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 Inside look at autonomous vehicle software
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 Topcon announces partnership with MAVinci for worldwide UAS distribution>
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 Infographic: Google building a modular cell phone for those who can't afford one
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 Windows, iOS or Android: Who will win the business tablets battle?
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