TomTom Traffic Index: Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal rank as the most congested cities in Canada

Traffic Index 2016 (CNW Group/TomTom)

TORONTO, March 22, 2016 /CNW/ – TomTom (TOM2) today released the results of the TomTom Traffic Index 2016, an annual report detailing the cities around the world with the most traffic congestion. The report, released every year to help drivers, cities and transport planners understand traffic congestion, highlights trends and ways to improve congestion globally. The TomTom Traffic Index looks at the traffic congestion in 295 cities in 38 countries, and is based on 14 trillion data points that have been accumulated over eight years.  [Read more…]

The smartphone, past, present and future Visualized

smartphone infographic

It’s always enjoyable viewing the history of cool technology, in particular via some awesome graphics and infographics. Here’s a nice visualization (with some glaring omissions though!)  that reveals the history of the smartphone, from the creation of AT&T wireless, the introduction of the Blackberry smartphone, the rise of Symbian OS, and finally to the explosive growth of iOS and Android devices. See more from the source [Read more…]

How & Where iPhone Is Made: Comparison Of Apple’s Manufacturing Process

Comparison Of Apple’s Manufacturing Process

We call it the iPhone Saga, how Apple has perfected the art of juggling the global supply chain, its nose locked on where on earth to get suppliers that can offer the most efficient and best value parts under Apple’s strict quality benchmark. This infographic comes on the heels of our editorial team’s past effort to follow the iPhone supply chain and what it means to American manufacturing. [Read more…]