Who Cares Where Waldo is? Social Media Mapping is Trending!

social media mapping

This article by Troy Lambert looks at how Social Media Mapping is Crucial for Market Research and your Social Strategy – Social media mapping can also be used as part of in depth market research before a company starts or during critical growth periods. The feature looks at various tools, in combination with GIS programs, that a market research study could use including: a number of social media monitoring and mapping search solutions, census and community data resources, [Read more…]

Feature – Is It Just a Game? Virtual Reality, GIS, and Real Change

google cardboard

Ever since geospatial information software (GIS) ventured into creating three dimensional models made even more real by the release of ESRI CityEngine, the potential to blend virtual reality and geospatial data has intrigued gamers, GIS techs, and film makers. Oculus Rift has been in development for some time, and will be released to consumers this spring. [Read more…]