Blogging, microblogging, media, social media or… Which for your business?

blogging tips

You may be wondering, which would be better for me or my business.. blogging, social bookmarking, a social media focus, or ?? A darned good question, particularly as all have a purpose, a time, a place, advantages and disadvantages. So, which one is best? There’s no simple answer here, however, keep in mind that any option you select will require time {lots of it} , patience, and a commitment. [Read more…]

Twitter Introduces SMS Alerts for Emergency Notification

FEMA alert

Something new and of interest from Twitter this week as the company has now rolled out the Twitter Alert notification service. Twitter Alerts are an opt-in service where users can elect to receive “breaking” news and announcements from emergency notification services and accounts like FEMA, the USGS and other government agencies

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